#16-18; Necros and the Supernauts

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From Bottom up: Necros-Creator of all things tech that the Supernauts utilize.  He combines steam powered energy with magic to make things operate.  The world that the Supernauts live in is all steam powered.  Necros amped up his game by adding magic to it.  He’s a brilliant man who is shrouded in sadness as he misses his late brother; Emilies Father, Ambrose. Necros is a saddened individual but dearly loves Emilie and would stop at nothing to protect her.

Emilie. The center of Necros’ world and his Niece. She was only one year old when her Mother and Father were murdered by Necros’ 3rd brother; Obadiah.  Obadiah wanted the inate powers he sensed in Emilie for himself. As he was preparing a ritual to kill Emilie and drain those energies to him, Ambrose saved Emilie in the nick of time but was mortally wounded by one of Obadiahs henchmen.  Having some abilities of his own, Ambrose teleported away with Emilie.  Before he died, Ambrose gave Emilie to Necros to watch over her.  To this day, Necros monitors Emilies capabilities and helps her use them to one day defeat her evil Uncle; Obadiah. Emilie is a playful and quick witted girl who loves to dress as her favorite fictional character, Han Solo. Hence the fake blaster depicted here.

Cassius. Created by Necros as a guardian for Emilie, Necros, whether he knew it or not, made Cassius’ personality to be almost exactly like that of his late Brother Ambrose.  Necros Created Cassius out of metal and magic and is forever tinkering on him.  Cassius has developed many of his own quirks (through magic or other means, Necros has no idea).  Among them, he fancies watching old movies with Emilie among his favorite past times.

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