#The Mármaro Men

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The Mármaro men were an elite and vicious group of Greek Soldiers from ancient times. Inspired by the magnificent marble structures of the time, this group of men chose to strengthen themselves to wear marble masks when entering warfare. While not necessarily the most functional of helmets, it mattered not for they had such wonderfully trained horses and had honed their sense of hearing to such a degree that they were virtually unhindered. That and they were primarily used during the initial charge so as to terrorize the opponent. Enemy’s became convinced of these soldier’s supernatural powers to fight without vision, which only strengthened their mythology and effectiveness in battle. Over time they began to fade out and the art was lost but these masks still remained as a big part of the culture’s tradition until the 3rd century BC.

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  1. Holy–

    Marble masks? These guys must have been terribly strong to wear that around all the time. Geez.

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