#14 Dilaa’ub, The Twice Blighted Flame

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14 左男

Dilaa’ub • The Twice-Blighted Flame

Dilaa’ub is gigantic, towering over the forms of his peers at a great height of five meters, even slightly taller than Munjieou. He is constantly burning, and his ember is embedded on the crown of his head; his forward-face is that of a crocodilian creature, symbolic of the ruthlessness his flame imbues the ones he comes for. This side also points the way to the Parade for those who die from torture. His slightly more obscure side, who faces those who die from asphyxiation and in crashes, represents a calmer, more hopeful side and looks like a human skeleton without the lower mandible.

Dilaa’ub is often very quiet, although his stubbornness tends to reveal itself in this way. When he disagrees—and often with Augon—he often stalks away, taking the morning with him, and if there are no other Fires present, a once-animated conversation turns awkward and stale. A powerful leaper, when he walks the Parade himself, he often takes the rear.


I initially wanted him to be a gigantic human skeleton, but that is hardly scary, it’s a lovely thing, haha. Well Dilaa’ub is not scary in the end, but at least it’s different from the initial intent. His name means “to spontaneously combust” in Cebuano.

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  1. I like the ribcage. I think it adds to his creepiness. Also the face on the back is a very subtle touch but it looks great.

    • K says:

      @Micah » Thanks! It was a suggestion from a friend to make him slightly emaciated, as a contrast to “Tina Turner thighs” XD

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