#15 – Ares

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Everyone knows who the Greek god Ares is so lets move on. In Shattered Myth, Ares was once the greatest warrior god around. An unofficial member of the DEVA, Ares tagged along on peacekeeping missions. Ares relished in the combat and the victories. Or so he thought. He eventually became bored and realized it wasn’t the wins he loved. It was the satisfaction of the kill.

After a mission on the island of the dark god Camulus, Ares was somehow now able to do what most in the Mythoscape thought impossible. Murder. How one can kill or be killed here is a mystery but Ares was kicked out of the DEVA after going on a death dealing spree. He stripped himself of his armor and all weapons except for two small blades he uses to do the wetwork. It is said he prefers to feel the blood on his sensors and the heat from the wound. Ares current location is unknown. Some say he’s back on the island with Camulus. Some say he found a way to cross over. All will tell you NOT to go looking for the Mythoscapes only serial killer.

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  1. I love, love, love the “ribcage” look on the post-exile Ares.

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