#20 King Snakeroot

| November 17, 2010 | 2 Comments

Oh, where to begin.

I have this idea to “RetroFix” this public domain character, the Black Cobra (there’s actually a few), ideas which may show up in the Challenge. I’m really excited about the potential for this character, so I’m trying to build up the supporting cast, especially the villains. Which is exactly where the King here falls.

Concept: The leader of the Cult of Naga, King Snakeroot has taken upon himself the task of exterminating the Black Cobra, a costumed hero with a long past. Rumor has it that Snakeroot has fought (and has been defeated by) every incarnation of the Black Cobra (a legacy that reaches back to the late 1800’s).

Design: Ugh. Not really. I like what I came up with, but that headdress is either too ostentatious or not ostentatious enough. I really wanted a snake crown, but not the Serpent Crown. Snake themes pop up a lot in comics, so it’s hard to be 100% original. I do like that his costume has segments, like a snake’s underbelly/abdomen. He has potential, and in the hands of a proper artist, I think he improves greatly. Screw all that! Uriel Duran nailed it!

Art by Uriel Duran!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

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I'm not exactly sure what I should put here, so here goes. I'm a writer, written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, AdHouse Books, and Simon & Schuster, among others and his stories have been reprinted in other countries. Mostly concentrating on creator owned work right now, so the challenge suits me just fine. I live in Queens (Astoria/LIC), NY with my wife, Michelle, and two dogs, Kasey and Kirby. I'm not sure what else needs to be said, but I'm sure I'll keep changing this. Oh, here's something. I contribute to the Project Rooftop site. The RetroFix column was kind of my idea, so I feel like that experience will help me out here.

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  1. I am a big fan of serpent themes (reptile themes in general, really) in comics and stories. Would love to see or hear more about the Black Cobra and how this guy fits in.

  2. You just might, Micah. I’m pretty much set with characters to #24. The last six are proving to be a little difficult.

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