#4 Aiden

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Aiden, wife, mother of three…vampire.

She struggles to maintain the life and people she has lost due to her dramatic change. She wants to protect her family but also puts them in danger because of her unwillingness to let go of them.

In the beginning of the story Aiden is lost, trying to remember what happened the night of her transformation as well as trying to figure out a way to be near her family without them knowing. Every time she tries to remember that night, terrible pain shoots through her mind almost causing her to black out. Later she discovers the werewolf Zev, whom she hit her car with that night knows some of the details of what happened but because she is a vampire he is unwilling to tell her anything. Realizing she cannot pursue this until she can get past the pain, she instead focuses on watching her family.

Initially she is very careful and does not get close to the house but as time goes on and the dogs and other creatures start to accept her presence she moves closer and closer until ultimately she enters the house as often as she can. Here she finds peace and torment all at once, it rips at her soul but also mends it – it is like a drug she cannot quit.

Aiden met her husband when they were children; eventually leading them to love until Marcus moved away in high school, leaving Aiden heartbroken. Several years later Marcus returned much wiser than he should have been for his years. Despite all that had taken place in their time apart their feelings had never changed and they were quickly married.

Aiden watches painfully as her family suffers without her feeling powerless against what is unfolding in front of her eyes. Torn with keeping them ignorant and safe and stepping in to save them from themselves Aiden plans how she might help them without becoming any wiser.


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