Day 16 Tatiana

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Sure humans die of natural causes, but not Tatiana. She was murdered by a demon on her way home from the grocery store. There was no real reason, the demon was just thirsty for blood and she happened to be shopping the local 24-hour store at the witching hour. When she died there was no real surprise, after all dead is dead. Tatiana had managed to kill the demon before she fell herself. There in the parking lot, shrouded by shadows cast of of SUVs the two bodies laid. It wasn’t till she realized her soul would not depart that she began to freak out. That was when the Sisters of the Stitch showed up to collect her. She watched as they finished disassembling her body. She screamed at them to stop and they merely brushed her aside while they stored the parts. When they started to fix the demon’s body she tried to attack them but it was futile. As the last stitch was being placed on the demon’s form she grabbed hold of the thread to rip it from their hands. Instead she was pulled into the body.

She quickly woke up in her new powerful form and tore the sisters apart in mere seconds. Gregory soon showed up after she had calmed herself. Applauding her ability and rage he asked if she would join his gang to help stop these sisters from continuing to desecrate the flesh of the dead. Gladly she has joined them, hoping to find a way out of her new body and home to her family. She collected the satchel that contained her body’s pieces realizing at some point she would have to make a deal with these demons, these sisters of the stitch, if she wanted to ever go home.

Tatiana is part of the Stitchwork Universe, a story I started to develop during last year’s challenge. The artwork here is by collaborator Silvina Rinaldi. This story went on to win cover feature of the Mysterious Vision’s anthology over at Small Press Idol with the help of my collaborator Silvina Rinaldi and editor Amanda Orneck. For more details stop by and check it out.

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