#17 P.I. Emmerett Edward Elton-Evans A.K.A. E-Squared

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In the world where clones are common place yet still illegal and friends abuse the power of technology, Private Investigator Emmerett walks the line. Hired out for the right price or cause, helps to keep hi-tek off the streets or at least in his customers’ hands.

When Matt decides he can no longer stand disappointing his friends, by being unable to be everywhere at once, he decides to clone himself. The call goes out to E-Squared Investigations to recover the hi-tek contraband before the government gets involved. As the numbers rise and Matt’s clones began to take over Lameland City, Emmerett realizes he won’t be able to retrieve the item in time. Taking a more deceptive route he teams up with the government’s new team brought in to counter the Matt-Threat till he can steal away with the item in question.

E-Squared is a character in the Kill Matt! universe.


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