# 19 Penanggalanosaurus

| November 19, 2010 | 2 Comments

Don’t have much of a story for this one – it’s just a dinosaurian variation on a common ghost/vampire archetype from parts of asia. Trying to put a bit of the bite back into dinosaurs, as well. They’ll always be cool, but don’t really frighten very much anymore.

Category: Horror

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  1. Jared Lewis says:

    I’ve been liking all of your stuff, but when I saw this over the weekend, it totally sealed the deal. This is probably one of my favorites to come out of this whole deal. I like the idea that it looks like an herbivore too. Like it’s going to try & gnaw it’s victim slowly.

  2. Jason Week says:

    Thanks man! I have to admit, it’s pretty fun to draw any dinosaur for this thing. And I picked up the strange ghost archetype going to school with a guy from indonesia who was really into the folklore. Asian ghosts have this element of unfamiliarity that really make them creepy compared to what we’re used to in the west.

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