#20 – Athena

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Athena is the Greek goddess of War and Wisdom among other things. Not one to jump head-first into bloody battles like her brother Ares, Athena focuses on Strategy. In the Mythoscape, that makes her the best Pro-football coach in the land. Originating from Greece, she tried coaching soccer but then she realized… Soccer sucks. So pro-football it was. She leads the 34 time champions, The Legionnaires. They consistently have the best records every year.

Last season Athena was accused of video taping the opponents defensive signals. The allegations were looked into but Hushed up after the league decided, telling the Quarterback EXACTLY where each defensive player would be couldn’t possibly help a team win…

And her color scheme changes based on the team she coaches.

Legionnaires logo design by Jim Wagner of Lagom Design.

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