#20 – Typhoon Teddy

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Theodore “TYPHOON TEDDY” Hobbes, Captain of the Verdant Horizon. A well known, well respected swashbuckling buccaneer. Father of Jasper Hobbes, the story’s protagonist.

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I had been thinking about Jasper, my protagonist, over the past few days and realized that I didn’t want him to be an orphan. Specifically, I didn’t want a lack of a family to be part of his backstory nor his motivation to do anything. So I knew I would be including his parents in the challenge at some point. As I started today’s drawing, I had a couple things in mind already. One was a name, Theodore, which was suggested by Merrick. The other was my want to do a pirate-themed character, in honor of the Swashbuckler’s Ball going on tonight in Portland. As I started sketching out Theodore the Pirate, I realized I wanted this character to be Jasper’s father. Someone courageous and intriguing, yet removed from his son geographically. That seems like a good recipe for creating an adventurous and inquisitive spirit in Jasper.

Expect to see Jasper’s mother somewhere in the next ten characters.

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