#23 The Cornerstone

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Oh, time for a revelation. When I was starting out as a comics writer, I wasn’t getting many gigs. No one does, right? So, as a professional wrestling fan, and as a fledgling writer, I took to wrestling roleplaying. I will say this much for it; I had fun doing it. You can talk about it all you want, make fun, whatever, but I had a blast. And I’ll say this too; it taught me how to dialogue characters. If you can, try to find some of my roleplays online.  I think they’re somewhere.

Anyway, today’s character(s)…

Concept: Where does a wrestler go when he’s hit the ceiling? After winning every championship (some multiple times), “The Cornerstone” Dino Black, the franchise of the federation, retires and goes into business for himself…as a hero for hire.

Design: The Cornerstone is based on me, but I wanted him to go a little bit further. He wears the black and gold of Pittsburgh, his hometown. The pants are supposed to be leather, but the leather that wrestlers wear (you know, pleather). The mask is new, but that just adds to his new heroic persona.

As an added bonus, I threw in his old tag team partner, Jack Suede! I picture him as a recurring character, helping him out when he calls.

Art (above) by Andres Balmir! Art (below) by Uriel Duran!

The Cornerstone is copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.  Jack Suede is copyright © 2010, Chris Schiavo.

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Category: Drama, Humor, Superhero

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