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#10 Usil, the Cook

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I apologize for the lack of color- I had an emergency trip out of town and found myself in a rush.  They will be colored eventually.  View the closeup at my deviantart here.

Usil (the Cook)


She is a plump, round woman with auburn hair.  She was quite beautiful in her younger days.  She wears a sleeveless dress cropped at the calf, with an apron.

She is a very happy, very round woman who works in the palace kitchens.  She is the main girl’s only compainion, and her watcher.  She likes to remeber happier times in her youth… and she also thinks all the man-hating is a load of horse shit.  She believes in love at first sight.  She once saw a man while she was out in the field picking barley, and since they met she would sneak out of the city to see him at night, which of course… Was forbidden.  They were discovered on the eve of her generation’s impregnation, and she was dragged away to take place in the ceremony.  They never saw eachother again.

#9 Tiur, the Assistant

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I apologize for the lack of color- I had an emergency trip out of town and found myself in a rush.  They will be colored eventually.  View the closeup at my deviantart here.

Tiur (The Assistant)

Angry, cruel, violent
Emotionally unstable
No charm/charisma

She has her hair in a tight chignon and wears conservative clothing.  Not a wrinkle in sight or a hair out of place.

Tiur is the Queen’s right-hand maiden and personal advisor.  She’s always been devoted to her Queen, and grew to love her… but the King was in her way.

She is now the head of the Academs, and runs immoral experiments on the captive males.  She’s cruel while they are immobilized, but if they were ever to get loose…

#21; The Walker of the Word

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Found half dead and naked when he was a boy, the ministers of the Black Fold tended to their charge. They soon found he had a liking for violence and instead of beating it out of him (as is the way with the clergy), they hired the best warriors in the realm to train him from birth to be the ministers black hand of death and leader in the churches crusades.  The boy never had a name until many years later. That name became legend; ” Walker of the Word”. Soon, “The Walker” waged terrible and bloody war on any and all who would oppose the word and the way of the Ministers of the Black Fold.  Until he met Zebra. And then their war began.

#8 Old Woman

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This mysterious Old Woman is in my upcoming fantasy novel.  View the close up at my deviantart here.

She is nameless: no one may speak her name.  She is most commonly called “the unforgiven.”  But the main male lead calls her “old woman” or “crazy lady.”

She has long spindly hair that drags the ground, and a wretched, emaciated body.  She sits very still and barely moves… only the mouth moves when she speaks.

#5 King Xymer

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I apologize for the lack of color- I had an emergency trip out of town and found myself in a rush.  They will be colored eventually.  View the close up at my deviantart account here.

King Xymer is in my upcoming fantasy novel.

War armor is on at all times.  He’s always channelling Henry IIX… He has a paunch, dour expression.  Long beard, red with streaks of grey.  He’s not as cold as the queen, but still distant and disagreeable.

The younger king would always have a reason to celebrate.  Now he forces his subjects to have festivals… At thier own expense, of course.

#3 Helia

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I apologize for the lack of color- I had an emergency trip out of town and found myself in a rush.  They will be in color eventually.  View the close up at my deviantart account here.

Helia is the best friend of the female protagonist of a upcoming fantasy novel.  She is a very likable person, but a little slow at times.  She looks like most of the other girls- pale, blonde.  She’s a bright colors sort of gal.

moralistic: when Helia believes something, she fights for it- even if she’s not listening to other viewpoints.

no street smarts/gullible: she will fall hook, line and sinker for whatever she is being told… unless its against her ideals.

Submissive/compliant: “well if so-and-so said it, so it must be.”  Never questions authority.

#21 Quinn Vega

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Hey everyone! This epilogue wraps up the MASKED set. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. You can check out the whole set here under the “Masked” tag. See you all tomorrow with something new. (By the way, I did set up a gmail account specifically for this post. Try not to spam it, tempting though it may be!)

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#21 The Homeless Man

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This is probably one of my favorites. Another supervillian, he is The Homeless Man! He’s obviously homeless and he smells bad. I’m not sure he has any powers except screaming nonsense at pedestrians, peeing in public and the ability to get hammered off of Nighttrain.

#20 Soul Master

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Soul Master is another supervillian (I apparently love making villians) who has the ability to control souls. He can raise the dead, make zombies, control ghosts and pretty much do anything supernatural. It is said his body is a doorway to the underworld and that’s how he possesses all these abilities but no one really knows.

#19 Lockup

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Lockup is a prisoner serving multiple sentences for killing people in Muay Thai fights. He is now champion of the prison fighting circuit. He frequently escapes to find power superheros so he may defeat them. His trunks are orange like a prison jumpsuit with his prisoner number on the back.

#21 – Ural Kraek

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URAL KRAEK, master sorcerer, legendary scholar, a bit of a bastard, and possibly evil.

– – – – –

Went with what feels to me like just a run-of-the-mill sinister sorcerer type.

#18 Kid Arthur

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Arthur was just a baby when his parents visited England. Both born in America they wanted to reconnect with their English roots and distant relatives. At a picnic on the lake one day The Lady of the Lake appeared and gave the baby Arthur the sword Excalibur. The parents were stunned and when the father tried to throw back the sword he could not lift it. No one could lift it except for Arthur. Now back in America (how they got the sword past customs is a mystery)  “Kid Arthur” has adventures fighting ancient evils from Great Britain’s past trying to claim Excalibur.

#17 Dr. E.T.

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These next couple are a little more cartoony. This is Dr. E.T. He’s from outer space (obviously) and he likes to abduct humans and perform experiments on them, with hilarious results. He has a little robot sidekick who thinks he’s an idiot and keeps him from blowing themselves up.

Day# 21 Sporkasaurus

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#21 Sporkasuarus by Jande Rowe

#21 Sporkasuarus by Jande Rowe


‘Nuff  said.


#21 Bantas Tempiezo

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Name: Bantas Tempiezo
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 57/Male/Pseudo-Mediterranean
Main Goal: Unlock the secrets of the elements and make enough money to live out his autumn years in peace.
Occupation: Paper maker/Renaissance-man/inventor
Motivation: Curiosity
Inner Need: Peace and quiet
Flaw: Kind of lazy, only works about four to six hours a day.
Good/Bad Habits: Sleeps late, goes to bed early, pretends to be addled by his age more than he actually is to excuse his laziness.
Secret: Has resorted to usury to make enough money for his papermaking business.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very skilled paper maker, inquisitive, intelligent mind, good with his hands.
Quirks: Wears a hat of folded paper to show his profession as paper maker.
Attitude: Weary
Dialogue Style: Quiet, friendly, rambling.
Backstory/Description: Bantas Tempiezo was just an ordinary paper maker in the land of Sendrineth when the Great Shift occurred. The Vwamic Leviathans, piscine, god-like entities, no longer spoke to the priests of Sendrineth, and more curiously fire, earth, and water began to occasionally rain down from the sky. Intrigued, Tempiezo collected some of the strange material to study, and concluded that it was not mundane fire, earth, or water, but rather they were the fundamental building blocks of all matter, which he termed “elements.” Experimenting further, he invented several crude devices incorporating the elements, among them one he called “Tempiezo’s Accumulator,” a device that would extract the three elements (with a fourth one, he discovered, air) for use in his experiments. Important though it was, a much more influential device turned out to be “Tempiezo’s Resonator,” a device he built in an experiment to try and find out where the elements were coming from. Using it, he discovered that the elements came from a completely different universe, one among countless, perhaps infinite, others. Tempiezo’s inventions sparked a Renaissance of elemental technology on Sendrineth, and he left the world much different than it was when he came into it.

What’s that? Yet another setting for my characters? My dear friends, you will find that I have a score of those! Yes, I originally got the idea for this from my army in an old internet game called Picture Wars. I shall elaborate in future posts, which may be backed again, for I am off to my mother’s house for this Thanksgiving holiday.

#20 (Sorry, no other information available at this time.)

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Cross-reference: A.K.A.

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#5 Raptor Cleric in Enchanted Robes

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This started out as a possible bird of prey character, then went a little Egyptian, then veered off somewhere into Stargate / Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Land.

#13 – Enidunieraian

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. Based off of the fae of The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. The name and colors may change when/if this character appears in the comic. Mainly for accuracy of adaption.

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#15 Orren

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Orren is a man of ambition and adventure.  Currently just a lowly soldier under the command of the Baron of Tarone, he has his eyes set on higher station.  To that end, he hitches his wagon to Lucitus, the Baron’s son.  After saving him in battle, he becomes his closest friend.  But can he be trusted to give counsel toward any ends that are not his own?

#4 OnionHead

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OnionHead. Not sure what I’m gonna do with him yet, but as of this writing, it’s the 21st, and I’m WAAAAAY behind, so I’ll get back to his description later.

Day 21: Franchesca Swatterman

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This is Franchesca Swatterman.  I made her to be the nemesis to Bobby Timony’s “Skeeter”.   I had told him that I was going to make some odor offensive villains and he was going to make characters to combat that, but I haven’t done so YET!  I decided I’d take on one of his characters first.  Now for 9 days of disgustingness from me to end the challenge!

#21 – Red Light Rebel

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He’s old, cranky and knows he’s becoming obsolete. The eagle-eyed Red Light Rebel has been allowing and disallowing goals since the birth of hockey. At first he was positioned behind the net, armed with only a bell. Over the years, he developed his armor with the invention of mesh and plexiglass. His weapon of choice is a light switch, however, he has used a hand-held remote in recent times. He is now in the dog-fight of his professional life and he faces his greatest threat yet…. INSTANT REPLAY!

#21 – Gaiety Gale

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Day 21 - Gaiety Gale

Gale the drummer

“Gaiety” gale’s nickname is a bit sarcastic because she’s rarely in a good mood.  She’s a punk rocker but “Swoosh” was the only band she could find that needed a drummer.  She tries to get the other members of the band to put more social conscious messages into the music but the others want to go more main stream in order to reach out to more people.

#21 The Maintenance Worker

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There are many maintenance workers on Valhalla station, but this one is special.  He weaves in and out of people’s notice, calmly cleaning or fixing things on the station, but keep your eye on him.  Keep your eye on him.

#21 Emerson Stone

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Emerson Stone is a normal American a few years out of college who hates his job.  To cope, he smokes way too much.  Aside from that, he’s a busker, trying to make a few extra dollars contact juggling downtown in the evenings.  Because of that new, stupid infomercial selling gravity balls, he’s not having much luck with that.  Still, he keeps trying, all the while being watched from the shadows. The city holds its secrets, and he’s about to be pulled into them.

#21 CreePee

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I would love to see anyone color this and send it to me.

#24 The Crusader

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I really am not married to the name the Crusader, especially since his inspiration has nothing to do with the Crusades.

Concept: This character is based loosely on the legend of Saint George. You know, the Dragon Slayer. Anyway, I used to live in Staten Island, in an area called St. George. One day, I was walking to the Staten Island Ferry, and I saw a statue by a bus stop (near the library). I’m pretty sure it’s Saint George on a horse, but if it’s not, that’s what I saw. Then I looked toward the city, and saw the buildings, etc., and thought of “the Empire State.” New York, as if it were an evil empire (this was right around Election Day 2008, so you can see I was worried about a Republican presidency). Well, we need someone to rise up and fight the Empire, don’t we?

Design: There’s really only one thing wrong with this design. His colors should be white, not gray, to match the St. George Cross, so I’d fix the chestplate/armor to reflect that, but that’s the only change. And yes, this does take place in the near future, hence the robotic horse.

Art by Uriel Duran!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#20 The Chimney Man

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#21- Nilo

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#21 – Lugh

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Lugh is an Irish deity representing the hero king. In the Mythoscape, his past glories have led him to coach the second greatest pro-football team in the league, The Armada. Lugh and his team play with honor but after a particularly upsetting disagreement with the refs, he is no longer allowed to bring his spear to games. If you get my drift. Lugh’s gridiron rival is Athena. Time and time again, her Legionnaires defeat his Armada in the championship game, the Mytho-Bowl. Lugh vows to one day, defeat Athena and take his place as coach of the Championship team.

Armada logo design by Jim Wagner of Lagom Design.

Mary Contrary

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