#10 Usil, the Cook

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I apologize for the lack of color- I had an emergency trip out of town and found myself in a rush.  They will be colored eventually.  View the closeup at my deviantart here.

Usil (the Cook)


She is a plump, round woman with auburn hair.  She was quite beautiful in her younger days.  She wears a sleeveless dress cropped at the calf, with an apron.

She is a very happy, very round woman who works in the palace kitchens.  She is the main girl’s only compainion, and her watcher.  She likes to remeber happier times in her youth… and she also thinks all the man-hating is a load of horse shit.  She believes in love at first sight.  She once saw a man while she was out in the field picking barley, and since they met she would sneak out of the city to see him at night, which of course… Was forbidden.  They were discovered on the eve of her generation’s impregnation, and she was dragged away to take place in the ceremony.  They never saw eachother again.

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