#21 Bantas Tempiezo

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Name: Bantas Tempiezo
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 57/Male/Pseudo-Mediterranean
Main Goal: Unlock the secrets of the elements and make enough money to live out his autumn years in peace.
Occupation: Paper maker/Renaissance-man/inventor
Motivation: Curiosity
Inner Need: Peace and quiet
Flaw: Kind of lazy, only works about four to six hours a day.
Good/Bad Habits: Sleeps late, goes to bed early, pretends to be addled by his age more than he actually is to excuse his laziness.
Secret: Has resorted to usury to make enough money for his papermaking business.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very skilled paper maker, inquisitive, intelligent mind, good with his hands.
Quirks: Wears a hat of folded paper to show his profession as paper maker.
Attitude: Weary
Dialogue Style: Quiet, friendly, rambling.
Backstory/Description: Bantas Tempiezo was just an ordinary paper maker in the land of Sendrineth when the Great Shift occurred. The Vwamic Leviathans, piscine, god-like entities, no longer spoke to the priests of Sendrineth, and more curiously fire, earth, and water began to occasionally rain down from the sky. Intrigued, Tempiezo collected some of the strange material to study, and concluded that it was not mundane fire, earth, or water, but rather they were the fundamental building blocks of all matter, which he termed “elements.” Experimenting further, he invented several crude devices incorporating the elements, among them one he called “Tempiezo’s Accumulator,” a device that would extract the three elements (with a fourth one, he discovered, air) for use in his experiments. Important though it was, a much more influential device turned out to be “Tempiezo’s Resonator,” a device he built in an experiment to try and find out where the elements were coming from. Using it, he discovered that the elements came from a completely different universe, one among countless, perhaps infinite, others. Tempiezo’s inventions sparked a Renaissance of elemental technology on Sendrineth, and he left the world much different than it was when he came into it.

What’s that? Yet another setting for my characters? My dear friends, you will find that I have a score of those! Yes, I originally got the idea for this from my army in an old internet game called Picture Wars. I shall elaborate in future posts, which may be backed again, for I am off to my mother’s house for this Thanksgiving holiday.

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