#21 – Lugh

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Lugh is an Irish deity representing the hero king. In the Mythoscape, his past glories have led him to coach the second greatest pro-football team in the league, The Armada. Lugh and his team play with honor but after a particularly upsetting disagreement with the refs, he is no longer allowed to bring his spear to games. If you get my drift. Lugh’s gridiron rival is Athena. Time and time again, her Legionnaires defeat his Armada in the championship game, the Mytho-Bowl. Lugh vows to one day, defeat Athena and take his place as coach of the Championship team.

Armada logo design by Jim Wagner of Lagom Design.

Category: Fantasy, Humor, Scifi

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  1. I love his colors! The green and blue go really well together!

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