#3 Helia

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I apologize for the lack of color- I had an emergency trip out of town and found myself in a rush.  They will be in color eventually.  View the close up at my deviantart account here.

Helia is the best friend of the female protagonist of a upcoming fantasy novel.  She is a very likable person, but a little slow at times.  She looks like most of the other girls- pale, blonde.  She’s a bright colors sort of gal.

moralistic: when Helia believes something, she fights for it- even if she’s not listening to other viewpoints.

no street smarts/gullible: she will fall hook, line and sinker for whatever she is being told… unless its against her ideals.

Submissive/compliant: “well if so-and-so said it, so it must be.”  Never questions authority.

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