#16 Okorithtan, The First And Last Memory

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16: 生剥

Okorithan • First And Last Memory

Okorithan is the baylan » who helps put the seed of soul to a newly-conceived mortal. S/he is the first memory that is never lost, but just forgotten. In many ways, s/he manifests in “logical” adult life when waking people begin to be nostalgic for things they have never yet experienced, but seem to know. Okorithan revists his charges the moment they leave the district of childhood and enter prepubescence: his blade scrapes the voices of boys and leaves them deep and rough, unable to reach the note that summons spirits again; it releases the bag of blood every girl carries inside her.

The red eyes on her/his body all open when he walks the Parade. Sometimes a charge or two recognize her/him when s/he visits them in their waking hours, and when that charge walks the Parade, or is directed to it by one of the Four Snows » or Four Fires », Okorithan accompanies them and returns to them the memory of their first day on earth.


Inspired and based on the babaylan » of myth, and the namahage ». The first was the often androgynous hermaphrodite spiritual leader and medium of traditional societies. That individual’s ability to assimilate both sexual spaces makes them very powerful, and enables them to relate to people as spirits, not fleshly creatures. The second is a spirit that disciplines young children into obeying their parents.

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