#18 Alpha

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Alpha is a team commander within Project G.A.T.S., and one of the best members they have.  She is proud, compassionate, and understanding… also, constantly living in her brother’s shadow.  Flux (her brother) is team commander of the first team, and second in command to Attitude Adjuster.  Alpha has always played second to her brother growing up, he was always the standout; athlete, student, and extremely popular with his peers, and mentors.

Into adulthood, Flux was trained in the navy seals, and was the first selected to join the modern Project G.A.T.S. team.  Alpha was also very successful, but her parents devoted all their time and attention to her brother, and left little for her.  She used this “time in the shadows” to become a excellent field leader, and highly respected leader.

She was nearly thrown off the team when it was discovered she was carrying on a relationship with a fellow member, of her own field team!  That member was Justice, while this has happened from time to time, the administration almost made an exception to her relationship, because Justice is also a woman.  They thought it would be bad publicity, but Flux went to bat for his sister, and kept her as team leader of team 2.

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