#22 Mel aka Firefly Droid

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And now things are going to get interesting.  The next few characters are going to be droid models.

This is Mel.  Mel is an AI that primarily lives on “the net,” that connects all droids.  Its particular model is called “Firefly” as its primary function is to “enlighten.”

What, you didn’t think droids had a sense of humor?

In seriousness, the firefly model of droid is mostly AI.  It serves little to no combat purpose.  They are responsible for maintaining code, monitoring the functions of the droid plants, and providing reprogramming to any errant droids.  They’re definitely the “thinkers” of the droid world.

Mel, in particular, has the very specific purpose of indoctrinating other droids with instructions, training programs, and the like.  While the machines primarily call it by its serial number TXN750018, it goes by Mel to better serve the purposes of its job function.

After all, Mel doesn’t just indoctrinate droids.

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