#5 – The Crazy-Ass Webcomic L’Artiste

| November 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

Just like Entry 4, the Female Webcomic Artist, this is another new “creative power” vying over the right to be The Apple of Discord’s creative control.

L’artiste draws his… her… its strength from pure artistic intent, irregardless of whether it actually makes sense, adds to the body of work, or even looks “good” when finished.  Since art is the goal as opposed to… amongst other things, quality… this creator may abandon traditional formats and delve into the highly experimental and nonsensical.  The pure unfiltered artistic contents of their mind pour out onto each page, appearing as a cavalcade of creatures and chaos instead of any sort of sensical classic comic.

Because of the unique nature of L’artiste’s source of power – raw artistic inspiration, unfiltered by any inconveniences like sense and reason – expect random update days and even more random update styles.  Some days, you may get a detailed sketch of something intricate and complex, others you might get a 3-dimensional reconstruction of the house that L’artiste grew up in made entirely of Eggos, others still might simply contain a napkin left over from Chipolte with the word “ART”, along with some vaguely Mythos-esque symbols,  written in what appears to be the blood of a virgin.  And that’s on a good day.

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