#4 – The Female Webcomic Artist Lady

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The Apple of Discord originally featured a single crazy, incompetent, bombastic webcomic author/artist who served not only as the “Voice” of AoD, but also as a cautionary tale to anybody else who might follow in his footsteps.  Since he eventually came to realize his own inadequacies and confronted his own inner demons, and has now fled the webcomic scape to try and make a dent elsewhere.

In his wake, The Apple of Discord has been taken over by his Apprentice, aided by an Artist that our lone creator hired some time back to ‘class the place up’.  But in the subsequent power vacuum, more and more creative types have begun emerging, each trying to take the helm – and the power – behind the mythical Apple of Discord.

The “The Female Webcomic Artist Lady” is… first and foremost… female, an attribute that sets her apart from all the other contenders so far.  As one of the few openly female denizens of the web that aren’t secretly 40-year-old plumbers posing as teenage girls, she has had to harden herself against the arrows (and other phallic objects) thrust at her kind by an uncaring, unlearning, and unevolving gestalt entity of teenage boys.

The long-term effects of this constant exposure to the internet has left her more than a little jaded, but has honed her senses to a point that you could fit through the eye of a needle.  When backed into a corner, she’s not above cheating, nor is she better than base manipulation and “female voodoo mind control”.  Inside she secretly wishes to be more girly, to romp in fields with flowers and unicorns, however is afraid that feeling these feelings will cause her to appear to be weak, and therefore easy prey, so she locks them away in a small cage and hides their existence from all but the closest and most trusted of prying eyes.

Can draw yaoi upon request.  Will draw blood upon stupid request.

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