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concepts by Byron Rempel

concepts by Byron Rempel

Name: Jack-Jack
Race: Gremlin
Height: 2’
Weight: 2 Stones

What is a Gremlin?
A goblinoid creature of gnomish heritage. Gnomes are known for their ability to craft efficiently, some have even become great inventors. Most goblinoids tend to be deceptive or destructive in nature. So Gremlins have an affinity for mischief in mechanics.

Where did Jack-Jack come from?
Simple answer, the future! In the future monsters, under the command of the Overlord/Mastermind, have taken over the world. Humanity lives in small pockets, either on sacred lands that are still pure or tucked deep within the hidden places. These last bastions of hope for a dieing race is where Jack-Jack is found. Dr. Van Güdsing was a well-known monster expert/slayer and inventor. Jack-Jack is found by the Dr while sabotaging his latest invention. The whole thing actually took place over months. The doctor would struggle to complete the prototype and Jack-Jack would show up later and break it in various ways. Eventually the Dr. caught on to what Jack-Jack was doing and laid a trap.

After capturing Jack-Jack with a puzzle box trap he kept him in his lab/shop to study. Gremlins had not been seen for some time and there wasn’t much known of them. As time went on Jack-Jack began to pick up on mannerisms and speech of the Dr. This eventually impressed the Dr and he decided to try teaching the little monster. It all started with the day Jack-Jack pointed to a painting of a monster and saying, “Monster Bad!”

Jack-Jack trained under the doctor, becoming his assistant. He would eventually go on missions with the Dr to stop monsters who were threatening the human settlements. Though not widely accepted as he was a monster himself, he was tolerated thanks to the Dr’s reputation. The Dr was building up to his end goal of taking out the Overlord/Mastermind. His theory was that if the Overlord/Mastermind was gone then the monsters would no longer be united and the humans could once again take back their lands.
Inside Jack-Jack’s mind-
Jack-Jack is naturally curious and inventive. He has a slow fuse for anger but when it goes off he flies into a crazed rage. Jack-Jack has a fondness for humans, especially those who build things. While he understands he is a monster he also thinks that what the monsters do is bad and it must be stopped. Jack-Jack does desire that some day humans and monsters will be able to share the world but also understands until that day he must continue to fight for the humans. He is extremely loyal to the Dr and his cause. He has an intense fondness of Brew and Stew.

Jack-Jack is part of a new series called Monster Bad in works by Martin Brandt and Byron Rempel.

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  1. atombat says:

    There are a lot of great things that could work with this character, great design.

  2. Pretty cool. His head is hilarious. Love it.

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