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#25 The White Shade

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An actual superhero and not a villain this time! This is The White Shade, mysterious, silent and deadly. No one knows who he is and where he comes from. He’s a master of stealth and prefers handguns and small knives over bigger weapons. He might have powers but no one is actually sure.

#24 The Wall

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The Wall is a failed pro wrestler. Addicted to steroids and HGH he was repeatedly in and out of trouble. He was approached by a “friend” who said he had some new stuff that would make him the next greatest thing in wrestling. He ended up trying these experimental steroids, but they completely morphed his body. He grew to enormous size and his muscles grew super dense. He now gets hired as protection for super criminals, since no one can get past The Wall!

#23 – Zack Fisher

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Zachary Fisher is the singer and guitar player for the band “Dr Hawthorne’s Crazy House”. Zack was sent from the not too distant future by the Dark Ones. His mission- to create a band with his great grandfather that will in turn ensure that the Dark Ones come to power and take over the world.



Day 24: Hepatitis Hal

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Oh no! It’s Hepatitis Hal!  Oh not to worry, he’s just the Hepatitis D variety of the viral villains.  Oh, but wait he’s brought along his filamentous friend of the Hepatitis B variety.  Well, now that you all have met you may as well get drunk because your liver won’t last much longer anyways!

#22 – The Winged One

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The Heavens are attainable to all!

An ancient guardian from a forgotten time, The Winged One has held a timeless quest to safeguard the realm of man.

#21 – Red Sword

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The Crimson blade thirsts for your BLOOD!

When the Old Gods sought to expel all evil from Earth, they attempted to chain their rivals in elemental horcruxes, meant to halt their ability to spread malice to mankind — but, Snargrax the Red would not be bound.  Held in the form of a rare crimson metal, he beckoned to be found and molded into the fabled Red Sword, possessing its bearer and instilling them with an UNBRIDLED bloodlust and battle fury!

#20 – Bloodstone

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My heart beats to the rhythm of the jungle drum!

Attacked by a vampire passing thru her village as a child, Bloodstone was rushed to the village shaman who used her mastery of the mystic arts of Voodoo to stem the spread of the blood-virus.  Using a gem called, The Crimson Eye, she’s able to keep her vampirical blood-thirst at bay, while using the powers imbued her to keep her village safe!

#19 – Onyx

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I'm the HARDEST thing breathin'!

Born on a planet with a heavy iron core, Onyx’s race developed a thick, black, metallic skin to survive the immense gravity the core created.  But despite their penchant for high-scale physicality, Onyx’s people are thinkers — specialized craftsmen of space-bound avionics.  Bored with the life of a builder, Onyx took to the stars to pursue his dream of adventure and heroics, like in the holo-toons he watched as a child.

#18 – Mystic Warrior

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The Way is Clear...

Trained in the hidden city of Zhang R’la, Mystic Warrior is a master of the martial arts style, The Eighth Sight.  Once a simple monk, he was challenged to pursue a Vow of Completion, ridding the world of spiritual corruption and impurity.  Now he walks the world, guided by the cries of souls in turmoil, determined to conquer darkness within us all!

#10 Cicada Girl

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Post Apocalyptic Bug Fashion Future

Or something

#24 – Minona

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Minona is an African deity responsible for blessing crops and looking after women. She lives in the same area of Dakawaqu’s island paradise as Cernunnos. Minona is all about peace love and understanding. Another big fan of John Lennon, the only woman she would never take are of is Yoko.

#12 – Searcher

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These strange floating steel globes seem to always be around, watching the survivors of the Solar Labs accident. It’s uncertain what they are doing, but they seem to be searching for something (hence the name), always looking, moving things and inspecting. No one is sure what it inside the domes, which have a diameter of about a foot, but through their small port holes crackling energy distorts what vaguely look like a pair of eyes.

They move around by releasing some sort of energy from the underside of the globe. There are two metal tentacle like appendages on either side. The ends of the tentacles have the ability to unravel into several prehensile strands which, when divided down to a single strand, is thinner than a human hair and yet still strong enough to lift and manipulate objects.  Searchers have also been known to emit a blast of energy from it’s view port, though this seems to weaken them.

#23 – Cernunnos

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Cernunnos is a little known Celtic god. All that’s known is he’s a horned god, possibly of Nature or Fertility.
In the Mythoscape, he’s a former ally of Camulus, but he got tired of all the violence and hate. Dakuwaqa set up an area on his island paradise where Cernunnos and his peace loving friends (Minona, Pax and even Ishtar) live in harmony with the land. They live by the teachings and the music of John Lennon. Imagine is a favorite, except for the part about no religion (ie. they wouldn’t exist!)

#24 The Stork

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While his “fraternal twin,” Death, gets all the attention, mortals don’t even think about Life. But if Death takes your soul to its final destination, then what delivered it the mortal plane in the first place? The answer is The Stork.

First of all, his name isn’t really The Stork (and technically he’s not a “he”). That’s just the nickname that his ethereal buddies gave him. You know, based on the human story of the stork who delivers babies? He really, really hates it. So of course, they keep calling him that. Anyway, his job is to deliver souls from the planes of reincarnation or — in the case of new ones — the Well of Souls to their mortal bodies.

It’s a simple job. Get it, deliver it, on to the next one.

Maybe he’ll incarnate between gigs to grab a beer on Earth, or maybe he’ll go find some quiet corner of the ethereal realms to chill. He doesn’t want to be bothered, so leave him alone. And don’t get him started on the war between God and the Devil. It’s nonsense; leave him out! The only being he seems to get along with is his brother and even that depends on his mood.

But deep down, though he’ll never admit it, The Stork really loves his job and he especially thinks humans are kind of cool with their beer and video games and such. If it means breaking his vow of neutrality in the big conflict to help them out, he’ll do it. Just don’t expect him to tell you it’s because he likes you.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
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#24 The Orb Master

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Under the guise of an aging performer, the Orb Master does three shows an evening in a run down part of town in an aging theater.  However, his true purpose is to keep the darkness at bay.  A mystic of unknown power, he battles the things that live in the shadows of the city.

30 Characters Challenger: Kaebel JK Hashitani

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Greetings and salutations.

I’m a curator, artist, event coordinator, and Time Lord living in Portland, OR. I tend to favor illustration, but also work in acrylics, found object sculpture, clay, and broken toys.

Since I’ve spent the past five years defined as a curator or a coordinator, and less as an artist, I find this “About Me” is somewhat daunting to write. I’m in the process of clarifying what being an artist means to me, and if I’m still interested in identifying myself as such . Which is part of what drove me to participate in the 30 Characters challenge.

In 2005, I founded Sequential Art Gallery + Studio, specializing in comic book & graphic novel artwork. Additionally, I am:

  • A monthly contributor to Geek in the City Radio, a weekly podcast focusing on comics, movies, toys, and games.
  • Operations Manager for the Alter Egos Society, a superhero costume enthusiast organization working to better the community, in spandex.
  • Event coordinator for Drunken Rampage Events, a managing group for various costumed pubcrawls.
  • Cast member of Atomic Arts, a theater troupe that performs Trek in the Park.
  • Exhibitions Coordinator for the Stumptown Comics Fest, Portland’s creator- and artist-focused comic book show.
  • Coordinator of the Portland Zombie Walk.

Oh, and in the midst of all these activities, I’ve managed to misplace my TARDIS.

#29 Black Cobra (5)

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The last of the public domain Black Cobras, although this one was never seen as anything but a sidekick. We’re changing that now. Here he is as the Black Cobra.

Concept: The Black Cobra/Robert “Bobby” Hornsby – Little brother of #3.  Originally, the Cobra Kid, sidekick to #3 and #4.  Takes over for #4 when Drake retires.  Bobby gets sent to Korea and later, Vietnam.  Dies a hero in the Battle of Hamburger Hill.  His costume is returned to his family, and given to his daughter, Renae.

Design: Another attempt at taking elements of what came before and putting them forward (funny enough, there doesn’t seem to be evidence of the costume he wore when he was his brother’s sidekick…another reason to omit the green and red costume from #3). The hood comes from #3, and the rest from #4. If I was smart, I would have made a Vietnam War/Korean War variation on the costume since this costume isn’t exactly war appropriate.

EDIT: Ok, took a few minutes and dummied up his “war attire.” A few notes: Since he’s wearing a helmet, I took away the hood, but I wanted something covering his face that wasn’t a cowl, so I kept his domino mask and added a bandanna on the mouth (it was an unconscious, maybe subconscious, call-back to Black Cobra #1). Speaking of BC #1, I should have given him the revolvers, but I think that’s a plot point I want to keep for the story. Instead, I called back to him again by putting the insignia on the stock of the rifle. And, in case you can’t see it, the cobra logo is on his shirt. The shirt’s colors are a bit impractical for war time camouflage, but I think he’d be wearing a jacket of some kind over his t-shirt. Pretty happy with it regardless.

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

Black Cobra war attire

#24 – Turkey Puck

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Arriving just in time for the Thanksgiving, Turkey Puck can be used for a holiday tournament, or a food ration of minimal proportions. Check out the wild look in his eyes! Turkey Puck is definitely looking to score this weekend!

#16 Amanda Davenshaw, scientist

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Being assigned to the exploratory vessel Vega 7 was both a dream and a curse for Amanda. Her life as a Sol scientist had been rather uneventful, after all, what was there left to explore in our solar system? So she leapt at the chance to be lead scientist on a marine charting vessel.

When her first outer system jump landed her and the marines assigned to her vessel in a Lovecraftian nightmare, she quickly understood why the marine brass insisted on all personnel carrying lasers, and emergency flight suit training…

Some might call this one cheating as it was a con commission sketch, but the gent had me do a “retro space girl”. I had a backstory already planned for something of the sort and with a few modificatons she fit the bill perfectly.

#23 Yabby Claws

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On Crustaceaous Eve, Yabby Claws visits the dwellings of all good little Crustaceans – both freshwater and saltwater – bearing gifts of toys and rotten meat. In his sea-sleigh drawn by eight glistening oceanic whitetip sharks (thrasher, flenser, flayer, voracious, vomit, cupiditous, donner party, and toothy), Yabby Claws speeds through the black night waters of earth,  delivering his packages as fast as he can. Because, you know, Octopi.

#15 Gavin Laurent, Marine

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Joining the Colonial Marines was not an option for Gavin. He had been convicted of capital crimes on three planets, and his third granted him a death sentence or service in the colonial marines for 30 years. What he didn’t expect, was that he would actually enjoy marine life. By impressing his superiors time and time again, he quickly ascended to the rank of captain and was assigned to the Vega 7 exploratory vessel.

Gavin’s men don’t know he was convincted of crimes. When a person becomes a marine their records are sealed for the duration of their term as a marine. His platoon has come to trust him without question over the years as he has saved most of their lives at least once and generally saved the entire ship on more than one occasion.

Gavin is not so sure he likes this new scientist assigned to his ship…

#11 – Flick

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When Billy Franks first came to live with The Hannes, Rebecca and Hennric thought it might be nice to get a pet for the boy. Someone to be Billy’s pal for those long nights when all the adults were busy in the Lab.  They picked up a mischievous kitten from a local animal shelter that Billy named Flick.  A cute short haired, silver tabby cat, Flick was a typical, playful kitten. On the day of the accident that blasted the Solar Building (and the surrounding block) into the strange new world Flick was sleeping in the window in the Hannes’ apartment.  During the transport a bolt of energy burst through the window and passed straight through the napping cat.  At first there didn’t seem to be any ill effect from the incident but slowly…Billy began to notice that Flick was beginning to be more attentive to people. Within a couple weeks Flick began shadowing Billy. Then one day, when the boy was in mortal peril…Flick blasted a Searcher away from Billy.  Still a fun loving, mischievous cat Flick has now taken his place as Billy’s full time companion and protector.

Flick has shown incredible powers that apparently derive from his contact with the strange solar energy. He has become incredibly intelligent, can run at extremely high speeds , can jump huge distances and shoot powerful laser beams from his eyes.

#20 The Corely Group

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Sahl Sciatica of Dia(Second from the left) has announced a breakthrough in EQ technology… With Engineer Edwin Flore’, Quantum Physicist Alphonse Moreseph and Energy Patrician Caleay Zwedioa.

#22 Angela

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Despite the bum wrap he gets from those still shuffling about in their mortal coil, Death is actually one of the most beloved beings amongst ethereals. He’s charming and charismatic, the guy everyone wants at their parties and events. Whether he’s hanging out in Heaven, Hell or the places in between, he’s always stopped by some local acquaintance who’s happy to see him and wants to catch up. If there were elections for ethereal president, he would win in a landslide. And it wouldn’t even make God jealous because, damn, Death is such a great guy (if God were capable of such a nasty thing as jealousy, that is).

Of all the forms he could take, he most often opts for that of a young Robert Redford. Everyone kept suggesting it after the Twilight Zone episode “Nothing in the Dark” starring the young actor. Eventually, Death acquiesced and found the form fit him quite nicely. It also works much better than the whole “scary skeleton with a scythe” look when greeting the newly dead.

Considering his unique job — delivering souls from the mortal plane to their final destination — he along with his brother, The Stork (more on him a little later today), are the only two ethereal beings barred from taking sides in the eternally escalating hostilities between Heaven and Hell. Not that either tend to care about that restriction when they don’t want to. After all, the Devil is a major asshole and even someone as awesome as Death doesn’t like assholes.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
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#24 Super Natural Hunter Squad

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Samantha and his sister Dean hunt extraordinary things for National Geographic cinematographers.
They are silly and paranoid.
It reflects in their pay

#24; Chrybddis

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Taking his name from the legendary creature, Chrybddis is one of many of a tribe of under water dwellers.  Chrybddis is unique from his people in a number of ways; his speed swimming underwater is unmatched, he can create whirlpools under and on the surface of the water and he can breathe on land.

The markings on his body are of his tribe.  The markings seen here on his clothes are actually the extension of his tattoos; they glow iridescent like many markings of underwater life.

#24 Bare handed Berserker

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#28 Black Cobra (4)

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Another of the public domain Black Cobras. This one existed after the first one was cancelled and then went to another publisher (from Harry Chesler to Ajax).

Concept: The Black Cobra/Steve Drake – FBI Agent who was tasked with bringing #3 to justice.  Took over when #3 was killed in action by Nazis.  His crimefighting career lasted from 1942 to 1945, when the War ended.  Upon returning to the States, he retired and gave his mantle to his sidekick, Bobby Hornsby, younger brother and sidekick to Jim Hornsby.

Design: Not much changed here, save for the emblem on the chest and the diamond design on the arm. Pretty much what I consider the “family design,” which is why I went with the other two designs for Black Cobra #3.

Art by Ricardo Venâncio!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#24 Lilly Aberdeen Philson – Lost Soul

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Lost souls float down rivers streams

Like little sparrows through our dreams

Yet on the shore you’ll find her there

The little lily with yellow hair

A soul so sad it cries for ears

and in its plea we feel the fear

Her name is Lilly Aberdeen Philson, Abby to her friends and Lil to her classmates. That was before she was murdered. Now she spends her days in the shadows of the city, waiting, pleading for help. For ages no one has answered her. She has begun to start posting papers around drawn in crude crayon caractures, “Have you seen my murderer” they say.

He’s tried to collect her, but she has had the strength to refuse. There was another with her at some point, someone dear, but she can’t remember their name anymore.  She knows the Gentlemen has collected them.

#24- Ungra, of the corrals

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