#14 Karate King of Bushwick Ave.

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After opening up a dojo on Bushwick Ave, Michael Dawson did his part to help clean up the neighborhood. And he did that, gaining some notoriety in the process. But that was years ago. Now gentrification rolled through. Vegans & playgroups have replaced most of the pushers & the dealers. He’s not totally obsolete, but he’s more likely to meet a pack of roving trust fund kids than danger. So he’s gone back to trying to focus on his first love, Karate.

Originally, the forums for the site Entervoid.com had an art jam to create a superhero using a name & a power generator. I got Karate King on the name generator, & the unstoppability of the Juggernaut with the power generator (though they also called it the Rhinoceros Effect, which I really, really like). Anyway, I’m not an art jam kind of guy, but that was kind of too cool to pass up. So I finally made good on it & drew him up. I added the Bushwick bit because I was kind of thinking of Shonuff the Shogun of Harem, but also had this kind of silly idea about what happens to a street level superhero with gentrification.

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