#16 – “Mean” Marve Soarn

| November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

“Mean” Marve Soarn is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Marve is the gholhem in charge of cleaning all important public spaces on the world of Musica. In general he likes his job and admits with only mild annoyance that it got a lot harder with the destruction of Chromarch. Like many gholhems of Musica, Marve plays an instrument. It’s a combo instrument that’s both percussive and a woodwind and it happens to look very much like a double headed mop. But please, what ever you do… don’t call his bo-wave-staff a mop. Those that do get to learn how Marve got his nickname as he curses like he knows no other words and uses his bo-wave-staff to mop the floor with them.

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Category: Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Manga

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  1. I was just thinking “man, that stick of his looks kinda like a mop” and then I read your comment. Sounds like I’m in for a beating.

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