#17 – General Kith Ost

| November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

General Kith Ost is a Shrill and a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

The Shrill are a largely hive-minded race of celestial intergalactic sound destroying beings. They’ve occupied and controlled many star systems over many millennia. For most of that time – General Kith Ost has lead the assaulting forces. General Kith Ost possesses both mental and physical strengths beyond his Shrill Servant brethren. His calculating nature, flexible tactics on the battlefield, and undefeated record make him the second Shrill that can be the hub of the Shrill hive mind. The other is the original Shrill – the Soth Ost – who is growing to fear and despise General Kith.

The odd thing about General Kith is – he doesn’t just like to destroy sound. He loves to play music and has even discovered a few techniques in The Way of Sound when as a spoil of battle he took into his possession an ancient quad-guitar sword.

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  1. Jared Lewis says:

    Liking the scratchy line work on this. Good job

    • Thank you Jared! I’ve been having fun doing this style again. I have a few of my 30 Characters this time around that I’ve played with a pen scratch/hatch line style but before that it’s been a while.

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