#24 The Stork

| November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

While his “fraternal twin,” Death, gets all the attention, mortals don’t even think about Life. But if Death takes your soul to its final destination, then what delivered it the mortal plane in the first place? The answer is The Stork.

First of all, his name isn’t really The Stork (and technically he’s not a “he”). That’s just the nickname that his ethereal buddies gave him. You know, based on the human story of the stork who delivers babies? He really, really hates it. So of course, they keep calling him that. Anyway, his job is to deliver souls from the planes of reincarnation or — in the case of new ones — the Well of Souls to their mortal bodies.

It’s a simple job. Get it, deliver it, on to the next one.

Maybe he’ll incarnate between gigs to grab a beer on Earth, or maybe he’ll go find some quiet corner of the ethereal realms to chill. He doesn’t want to be bothered, so leave him alone. And don’t get him started on the war between God and the Devil. It’s nonsense; leave him out! The only being he seems to get along with is his brother and even that depends on his mood.

But deep down, though he’ll never admit it, The Stork really loves his job and he especially thinks humans are kind of cool with their beer and video games and such. If it means breaking his vow of neutrality in the big conflict to help them out, he’ll do it. Just don’t expect him to tell you it’s because he likes you.

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  1. Hahaha, this is nothing like what I was expecting for the Stork. Love it!

  2. Thanks! I should revisit a short story I started like 5 years ago that introduced The Stork and Death. Writing them together is a lot of fun. Especially in context of this universe. They’re both on the same page but take such different attitudes about the whole thing.

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