#24 – Captain Sey and Scientist Brad Firebrand

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Sey was dishonorably discharged from the intergalactic forces because she ticked off the wrong fleet commander with her knack for prioritizing minimal casualties which leads her to reinterpret or redefine her mission to accomplish the same goals but in a way she would rather see it done. Brad Firebrand is a pro-level space wrestler that chose to go into a scientific career instead of wrestling since the stunts are so risky and the casualty rate so high. It was a tough decision for him, but once he saw zero-G wrestlers throwing spaceships at one another and what can happen to the loser of those matches – he was fairly certain he should keep his grades up in science to keep his career options open.

Sey and Brad now explore the galaxy for rare and new elements as it’s dangerous enough to be exciting and the pay is fantastic.


Category: Fantasy, Scifi

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