#5 First Mate Appleby

| November 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

The first mate of the Squidbeard Pirates’ Airbourne Division is almost as foul-tempered as her captain. Almost. Which is why he’s the captain and she isn’t.

Appleby can easily hold her own in a fight with even the surliest of pirates, as she is quite skilled with broadswords and scimitars, despite her small frame. She absolutely adores riches and jewels, and insists on all of her clothes made out of the finest silks and cloths the pirates have lifted from all the exotic ports they’ve landed. She gets first pick among the jewels and fabrics because if she doesn’t she’ll cut you down like the filthy green sea pig you is. *spit*

Category: Fantasy

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  1. Really like the colour scheme and dwsign of Appleby! Great stuff!

  2. errrr… I meant design!

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