#18 Busae, Repose Before Sunrise

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18 無再

Busae • Repose Before Sunrise

While a part of his foothills has become decidedly habitable by humans, Busae’s true form is of jagged rocks and hard earth, made fertilized by the bodies buried beneath him. One of the more inaccessible mountains of his range, Busae’s bone-like summits looked like they cut the rising sun in half, which was why his was the site of many morning offerings of tribal societies. This accumulation of many selfless energies has allowed Busae to become a venerated mountain, and as is his nature, he has offered his trails as Pathways to the Grand Parade, much like Makktanh » does.

Despite his fearsome appearance, Busae believes in self-will. He is known to have spared ‘sacrifices’ who did not understand what they had gotten themselves into, though he greets those who do with a campfire and a drink of dew before morning. He takes his title from the fact that those who travel to his summit manage to sleep a few hours before morning light breaks.


for Schuschu

Inspired largely by a good friend’s award-winning Uni Halloween cosplay, which merged familiar elements associated with the traditional ninja—the wild hair, the facemask-cum-scarf, the tattoos—with a pale, androgynous palette. I can’t let go of my love for bones, which manifested early on with Dilaa’ub » appears again here. His name is stylized from the name of a real mountain range known for accident-prone areas and suicides.

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