#18 Rex, Assassin

| November 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

An interstellar bounty-hunter, and assassin of the stars, Rex quickly made a name for herself by assassinating the ruler of Gamma 5; a celebrated leader who was one of the first alien dignitaries to be in favor of human settlement on foreign planets.

Willing to put an end to anything, anywhere, Rex is an elite killer specializing in Muy Thai, Jui Jiusu, edged weapons, and nearly every firearm imaginable. She began her career shortly after the destruction of the moon, (some attribute the moon disaster to her, for her paid killing spree was initiated soon thereafter.)

Her short-jump, fast-attack craft, Zombie, has been to worlds uncharted by humans, and the only other crew than herself: her genetically enhanced, giant, albino Great Dane, Marley. While Rex enjoys men on a flavor-of-the-month basis, Marley does not care for them.

Before her life of crime and his initiation into the Colonial Marines, Rex and Gavin Laurent were something of an item…

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Co-creator of RELAUNCH, AZURE for DC Comics, Artist on GRIMM for Dynamite, Marvel storyboarder, illustrator of books and covers, concept artist, creative director... Boxer owner.

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  1. As always, Dan, you’ve done a great, colorful piece. Great work–I love the look of the character, the outfit, everything. She’s certainly a character one would find in a space opera type story…

    • saulone says:

      Thanks Marc! I was going for something a little obscure as far as her tastes, but within the same world as the other pieces. Her outfit in particular I wanted to be duotoned with red/burnt orange accents. The funny thing is is the character and the dog are based off my cousin. She has a giant albino great Dane for real, just not quite THAT big. 🙂

  2. JoeCook says:

    I love the details in the outfit. Very unique, slick looking weapons too. Plus the dog is just cool as hell.

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