#18 Vampire Skeleton

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The Vampire Skeleton is the entity of a sorcerer who was killed by the Seneca people in the 1300s, but instead of dying he became a blood sucking vampire skeleton. He has no problem killing people and sucking their blood, but most of the blood flows down his bones as he feeds on the loss of life that blood represents and not the blood itself. He is the epitome of evil in the Seneca Tribes’ folklore.
He is a rather small human skeleton (5’6″) that is almost too perfectly intact with pronounced cheek bones, oval eye sockets, long black hair that is attached to his exposed skull (he is known to wear the hair of those he kills as he is very vain about his hair, thus adding feathers and beadwork), and pronounced fangs that cannot be hidden by lips. There is an aura of evil that surrounds him at all times that shimmers even in complete darkness. His magic allows him to shapeshift into a Screech Owl. He is cunning, often feeding on young female victims while others sleep in the same room or even share the same bed.

~ Seneca History

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