#19 T’appai, Clearance Department Deputy

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19 牛鬼女

T’appai • Clearance Department Deputy

T’appai wears the stripes and the bone-insect manifestations of spirit that is the signature of Central Command. With her six legs, she is actually nearly fifteen feet wide; her human anatomical structure, that of a little girl, is no more than four feet three if she stood bipedal.

She is Deputy to the Clearance Department Head, and is tasked with scheduling consultations and seminars to first-time invitees to the Parade, to Shedders (those who have recently died) who have not quite made heads and tails of their situation as yet, and to fellow organizers who “need a break.” She only wears her fuda when there is a need for her to cross World Layers. T’appai loves human languages, and prefers to speak a classical form of Babylonian when she addresses people. She likes having tea with Rizwän ».


for Hez »

I said I’d be taking inspiration from friends XD How’s a youkai for Thanksgiving, eh? T’appai’s title means “Ushionijo”, and she is inspired partially by the youkai named », especially her spider parts; because she is very busy and needs to socialize more than her peers, she has to assume the upper half of an amiable, outgoing teenage girl, with big, red, bug-eye shades.

T’appai’s name is a stylized form of a local spider’s name, tapay-tapay.

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