#27 – Komo the Baby Dragon

| November 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

Komo is a new character for the Baby Adventures of Zoe Zeus. He’s a well-meaning, often sad, accident-prone baby dragon. He’s often breaking things on accident since he’s still learning about his super strength.

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  1. There’s really just one word appropriate for this: D’awwwwww! <3

    This work is a masterpiece of cuteness. The chubby, youthful shape of the dragon works really well with his apologetic expression. Well done.

    • Haha – thank you very much, Amanda. 🙂 Cuteness is something driving many of the character designs for the Baby Adventures of Zoe Zeus. I’m leaning toward using Komo’s coloring style and line style for the next book since book one is out already.

  2. Jande Rowe says:

    Plushy! Plushy! I want one!
    Seriously what a great job you did with this cutie!

    • Thank you, Jande! Plushies would be a lot of fun. 🙂 That’s something I need to learn more about – I’ve heard they’re really tough to do and I’ve also heard they’re not so challenging… hmm. 🙂

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