15. G’rana Man-kin

G’rana has an unfortunate origin, in the eyes of her people. She’s doomed to be an outsider, because she is a disgusting half-human!

This sort of thing isn’t usually tolerated by goblinkind, but her father is an influential Gruln (minor king) and her mother was his most prized n’thak (ransom-prisoner).

G’rana is tall for a goblin, but short for a human, at just under five feet. Her figure is seen as disgusting by the male goblins, as she is neither as extremely lanky and boney or as extremely fat as is usual for goblin females. (By human standards, she is quite slender and athletic, but has a figure that is clearly femenine though unusually wirey.)

While her skin is green, it’s a subtle soft color, not the intense kelly green or comfortingly putrid puce more common among her kind. Her spotting is shameful, as her spots are quite small, and appear mostly on her fore-arms, shoulders, upper chest, and face, rather than over her entire body. She’s alarmingly devoid of body-hair, and the black hair on her head is long and almost straight rather than appropriately snarled and tangled.

G’rana can barely grow proper claws, hers looking barely more menacing than a human’s finger-nails except for being somewhat rougher. While her lower canines are suitably oversized and predatory, her under-bite is almost non-existent and her other teeth are shamefully close to being white and straight. Rather than a snout, she has a small slightly up-turned nose. She has beautiful deep amber eyes.

She wears a loin cloth, and an-ill fitting wrap of leather and hide, that gives the impression of a patchwork corset. (It sits a bit low.) Her feet are bare, though she has hide wrapped around her calves as armor. She carries a crude bone dagger that’s a bit large for her, but wields it with confidence.

Seen another way, she’s surprisingly pretty, and almost human-looking, for a goblin. In the right light, she might inspire a human male to consider making some (ugh) quarter-goblins.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Valerie Nicharico. A Black Label Comics production.

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