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Lawrence is Rick’s excitable best friend, trusted confidant and practically an 11 year old technology prodigy. You won’t find him anywhere without his trusty smartphone, from which he can access anything he needs. He’s also a bit of a smart aleck. Okay, a lot of a smart aleck. Getting in trouble is easy for him, which makes him very good at getting out of trouble too. Most importantly, though, he makes sure Rick doesn’t lose sight of just how much fun being a superhero can be.

What follows is an excerpt from The Omega Kid, episode 2 (you can read episode 1 here):


Rick comes bounding down the steps. Lawrence is waiting for him. The slap each other five and get right down to business.

What did you find out?

Lawrence pulls out his cell phone and reads from it.

His full name is Jerrold Irvine. He created Captain Omega in 1941.

That’s a long time ago.

Yeah. Our parents weren’t even born.

Rick pulls the Omega Amulet out of his pocket

Does it say anything about how this Omega Amulet
thing really works? And why he gave it to me?

Of course not, which is why we’re going to ask him ourselves.
(holding up his phone, triumphantly)
I found his address! 44th Street and 2nd Ave.

That’s in the city. I’m not allowed to go into the city.

Are you allowed to carry around a magic amulet that
changes things and gives you a cool costume?

Rick looks at the Amulet.

Probably not…

Exactly! Come on!

I don’t have any money.

I got you covered.

Lawrence reaches into his pocket and pulls out two Metrocards.

These are extra subway passes from trips with my
parents. They make me go to shows and museums
with them. Boring stuff. Anyway, here you go.

Lawrence hands a Metrocard over to Rick who takes it, reluctantly at first. Then with the Metrocard in one hand and Amulet in the other he feels inspired. He looks up with renewed confidence.

Yeah, let’s do this.

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