#28 Dania Wallace

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Growing up Dania Wallace was very close to Jerry’s wife, her grandaunt and spent a lot of time with them. A curious kid, she poked around in his stuff learning all about Jerry’s secrets and rich history. Unable to dissuade her, her gave in and took her under his wing. After her grandaunt passed away, Jerry became increasingly solitary. But despite his crankiness and often unpleasant demeanor, Dania took it upon herself to take care of him in his old age. She tries to swing by his apartment to check in at least once a day. Plus, it also gives her access to his amazing library!

What follows is an excerpt from The Omega Kid, episode 2 (you can read episode 1 here):


Rick and Lawrence sits on the floor. Rick has the Amulet out and is looking at it. Lawrence is playing with his phone.

BING! The elevator doors open. Rick quickly puts the Amulet away.

DANIA WALLACE steps out. She’s a woman in her 30’s, stylish in an artsy way, with horn rimmed glasses. Across her shoulders she’s carrying a messenger bag and in her hands grocery bags. She’s holding some groceries and walks down the hall. The boys stand up. She stops in front of Jerry’s apartment.

Excuse me, boys.

Hey Miss, do you live here?

No, my great uncle does. Are you boys fans?

For a brief moment a devious look crosses Lawrence face, then he gets really, really excited in front of Dania.

Yes! We are! Huge fans! We really want autographs.
(sad face)
But he won’t let us in.

Uncle Jerry can be cranky. I’ll let you kids in,
and I’ll make sure he signs those autographs.

Dania puts down her groceries and starts digging through her bag. While she looks for her keys, Lawrence flashes a thumbs up to Rick. Rick shrugs at him, worried. Lawrence grins.

Dania finds the keys, picks up the grocery bags and starts unlocking the door.

ONE LOCK. From inside the sound of shuffling footsteps hobbling along with a cane, coming back towards the door. TWO LOCKS.


THREE LOCKS. Dania pushes the door open.


Jerry is trying to hobble over to the door but it’s too late. Dania opens it and the boys come rushing in after her.

What are you doing?

Relax, Uncle. They’re just fans. Don’t be so
annoying and sign some autographs for them.

That’s not what they want, silly girl!

Be nice, Uncle.

Actually, ma’am, we don’t want autographs. And we’re not fans, exactly.

Rick reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Omega Amulet. Dania sees it and her jaw drops. And so do the grocery bags she was holding.

Is that…?

The groceries!

Uncle, is that what I think it is?

Yes. Now, can you pick up the groceries?

Who are you people?

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