#28 Gianna

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Alien technology, two best friends at odds, the mix is in. Giaus and Gianna found a box in the woods, inside were two 3 fingered gloves. The two decided it was among the most awesome find of their treasure hunting career, of course they were only 12 at the time.Both wanted the gloves and eventually decided to each take one. Within the gloves is a power( and some wicked glowing face tattoos). Giaus’ allows him to summon energy to protect himself and others. Gianna’s allowed her to fly, Giaus was not amused as he had always wanted to fly(Girls rule, boys drool). She refused to trade(I didn’t want his boy germs) and the two did battle for some time(He hits like a girl, a weak girl.) till a mysterious stranger arrived(he was a total perv). This stranger came to collect the gloves and use their powers for his own goals(Pervy goals I am sure). Giaus and Gianna both agreed he was far too creepy(Giaus finally came to his senses) and teamed up to take him out. When the two joined hands they become something even more powerful… (Yeah, I’m still freaked out.)

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