#29 – Crush Tremor

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Formerly one of the Drum Walkers in Nagado’s drum core, Crush came in contact with a Shrill Hermit and now plays only as host for this parasite. Crush never was the nicest gholhem you’d meet but now he’s corrupted by the Shrill he’s downright super-dangerous.

Before Crush was corrupted he’d spend his days practicing to be the loudest drum gholhem not that he’d want Nagado’s approval openly – but any time Nagado paid Crush a compliment Crush would be noticeably less surly that day.

Crush’s friends theorized that he’d be better off pairing with a mystical instrument, feeling that Crush’s biggest problem was loneliness.

Technically that’s not an issue anymore. Crush would like to be rid of the parasite controlling his mind but it seems there’s nothing he can do. Unless there’s some crazy mystical instrument available willing to join in the fight via mental link.

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