#29 The Darkling

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The Darkling exists outside of time.  He lives, surrounded by the creatures of the void, watching those who live in a straight line.  With the ability to interject into the time stream whenever he wishes, he can take control of any actions he has ever made and change them.  This gives him the power of being the most perfect being in existence because he can make sure that he always chooses the right path.  Unfortunately for him, he is prone to jealousy and morbid curiosity for those who live in one direction.  Sometimes he interferes with people out of pure malevolence, while others he helps.  Often he re experiences events just to see how they might have been different.  He ages both backward and forward at the same time, making him both infinitely young, and infinitely old.  Wrap your mind around him if you can.  Even the Darkling can’t fully comprehend himself.

Category: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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