#29 Volera Piscem

| November 29, 2010 | 2 Comments

Volera Piscem the god of Ocean Currents wasn’t up for the oppression of water and the ocean. Despite having the freedom to travel all the world’s waterways, it was never enough. He developed a flying system based on the flying creatures he would see floating effortlessly above the water. A minor god, he never really had the opportunity to talk with the gods of flight to gain their secrets but discover them he did. Unfortunately he forgot to bring them with him when he had his appointment for his sculpture. The artist set up another sitting not more than a few days from today to finish the sculpture and add his wings.

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Category: Drama, Fantasy, Scifi, Steampunk

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    Tim –
    Just wanted to give you a shout to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your work here. You really gave this challenge a kick in the pants!

  2. TiMrozek says:

    Ha, Thanks King AdBeck! I don’t take compliments lightly so I really do appreciate it. I’m very exhausted but I intend to go through tomorrow with some comments. Your work definitely was one of the ones that stood out to me throughout the challenge. Was usually too busy working to comment much but gonna try to do that tomorrow. Thanks again.

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