#29 Mario Hermes

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Mortal among men, this is the lead character in my ghost riders in the sky.  Born in Mexico, raised in Arizona, he always dreamed of being a great cowboy like his forefathers, but he is not as great as they were.  Always stumbling and not very well respected among the others in his town.  He tries to be a great rancher, and herds cattle with the best of them, but befriends many of his herd as well.  he really is a day dreamer and doesnt focus as he could, so many of his herd ends up missing from others.  He soon gathers help from the ghosts out there, and becomes stronger through their wisdom.

Category: Drama, Scifi

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Artist and accredited slacker, loves to take a challenge and shake a stick at it. Doesn't necessarily have talent but does possess a creative side, now here's hoping she's on the net as much

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