16-21. Monster Society


The Monster Society was formerly known as the “Royal and Ancient Horrific and Mythical Gentleman’s Club”, with the new name officially adopted only recently after previously coming into more common practice due to including new members and being a bit less of a mouthful.

In short, it’s a high-society club for educated, wealthy, and influential monsters. It’s a grant place to go to take high afternoon tea by the fireplace, to enjoy a snifter of brandy and a fine cigar, or to discuss the finer politics relevant to monsters, beasts, terrors, and mythical creatures.

Exactly the sort of establishment that would be the last place the fun-loving fUndead would want to be found– and the feeling is mutual!

There are real skeletons in the closet, a basilisk watching the front gate, and a salamander burning brightly in the central fire place. The drinks cabinet and snack trolly have contents that it’s probably best for one not to speak of.


Sir Sam was naturally mummified over twenty thousand years ago, in one of the finest and most respected spagnum bogs in northern England.

His appearance is somewhat assymmetrical, as he now finds himself leaning (and indeed drooping) noticibily to his right. However, his distinctive mop of red hair, and somewhat anachronistic tweed suits, could be seen in the right light as fairly dashing.

His appearance and demeanor perfectly match his slow aristocratic drawl.


Reginald is a “Creature from the Black Lagoon” style aquatic monster, who tends to wear a dark suit, stylish waistcoat, a bow tie, and a bowler hat. He often accessorizes with a pocket watch, and an umbrella that matches his latest waistcoat (vest).

Reginald represents a certain colonial progressiveness, a noble family having been joined when an Imperial explorer returned to London with a very exotic bride indeed. He sees himself as on the forefront of modern culture, a patron of the arts and student of politics.


Alfonse is a Yeti in a black bowler hat and monocle.

He isn’t able to speak, but he does his utmost to remain dignified and poised at all times, an example of civility in trying times.


Belinda is a Minotaur of a Certain Age, but harbors great personal pride at having kept her figure over the years. She lives for society occasions, and is usually dressed in glamorous and sparkling eveningwear and jewels.


Barry is a lord among giants, and giant among men.

He has a special room near the back of the Society house, where members often visit him. Generally speaking, it’s difficult to see more than his fine italian leather shoes and the hem of his trousers, as Big ‘Arry is very big indeed.


Gregor is a young eastern-European nobleman who recently inherited his father’s title and membership in the society.

He’s a young vampire of leasure. His clothes are very fine, but tend to look a little out of place and loose on his bony frame. He has an awkwardness about him, with his hair a little too slick and long and his accent a little more incomprehensible than exotic.

See also FunDead!

Greg is a little out of place when he goes out. His clothes are a bit anachronistic, stuck in the 70s or 80s, with a high collar (and cross amulet) and outdated sunglasses even after dark.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Original fUndead artwork by Adrián Dórame. A Black Label Comics production.

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