#24 Haorütte, the Vine Eternal

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24 カロス

Haorütte • The Vine Eternal

Hider of Space, and twin to Maorütte » Hider of Time. She is present and invoked when things are ‘misplaced’, or hidden away; under her cloak of eternal void, she can keep about a hundred souls. She is integral in the Parade and often serves as a guide as well. Haorütte—”Haru”—does not speak per se. Sightless and mouthless, often a head or two will do the talking for her, popping up from within her cloak. This is disconcerting to those who have not met her yet, as it is like talking to a crowd in a closed space.

She is known as the Eternal Vine, as distance always ever expands, never contracts, despite teh anomaly of her small figure. When she is sighted, she is always bringing a paper lantern, symbolic of the ‘Light years’ needed to meet her.


Based on Harut and Marut » twin angels in Islamic theology, who are sent to test the people of Babylon. The twins Harorütte and Maorütte are personifications of space and time, and appear in the Parade to hold it together.

カロス is kaross, a cloak made out of animal skins. In Haru’s variant, she is wearing a cloak made of (carrying) souls.

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