#25 Anna “Boyhair” Boydkin

| November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

If you could sum up Anna Boydkin (or Boyhair to her friends for obvious reasons) in one word, it would be Emphatic.

Vegan. Feminist. Environmentalist. Pro-Choice. These are all causes Boyhair’s willing to die for. But her day job is a nurse at a blood bank. And the apathy of the people she deals with on a daily basis is really starting to urk her. When her fellow nurse made an offhanded remark about taking blood, Boyhair’s wheels started turning. They left the mall blood drive only to come back with heavy artillery & a shop vac. They’re out for blood.

Sorry, these past three have felt pretty lame. Probably my least favorite out of all of my things for this month. I started them about the second week, but kept putting them off longer & longer & I had to do them at some point so here they are. Don’t worry though, I’ve been saving some of the nicer ones to post last.

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