#25 Maorütte, the Time Eternal

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25 時

Maorütte • Time Eternal

He is twin to his sister, Haorütte » and he is personification of Time. He goes about in a dun-coloured, tattered traveling cloak which hides half of his face. When he announces to a being the exact time of certain things—being asked, for example, the exact time s/he believed in love—a large, bony, crablike appendage holds out a hanging hour-glass which show the person the sands of their life.

He speaks from a sharp-toothed mouth on his forehead, but only in Babylonian, which makes him and T’appai » good friends for it, the latter often having to translate. “Maru” keeps time for the Ghost Parade, and it is he who visits the First Department Chief » annually to formally pronounce the event. Haru however, is the one who opens the portal to the Ghost layer.


Again inspired by Harut & Marut » of Islamic angelology, with Maru representing Time while his sister-self represents Space. I didn’t want to make the gears on his cloak look TOO steampunky, just symbolic. When I have the time, I shall clean up this image some more, add more sand particles around him.

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