#28 Samuel The White Rabbit

| November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

After leaving Earth, humanity lost its way. Some people have been spread across the universe to distant galaxies. But the call is to bring everyone back home.

Samuel’s a freighter pilot with parents big on hybrid gene splicing. He never wanted to be a rabbit the choice wasn’t his. Still he soldiers on. He’s been hired to tow back a station that’s long since lost contact with civilization. The inhabitants of the station however, were left in space with limited culture. Alice in Wonderland became a religious scripture. And while he was able to bring them back, he can’t get them to stop trying to follow him. (Sorry, I posted four at once & didn’t realize I left this one hanging)

Not a furry or anthro guy at all but I figured going this route would be good for trying to branch out & try different things, much like I was trying to hit all of the available categories.

Category: 2010, Scifi

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