#29 Kuulam, The Sieve

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Kuulam • The Sieve

Despite his impressive apperance, Kuulam has only been to a few centuries’ worth of Parade, having shed sometime during a great plague in a village he was made custodian of. In shame, he disembowels himself, but in an act of treachery, his assistant leaves him without finishing the task. Kuulam was then briefly picked up by Hyomiyaku » whom he talks to on the way to the Parade preparation grounds. Because his death was in time for the Parade of that century, Kuulam was pleased to find the faces of the other dead villagers, although many decided to simply observe the parade from their plane of existence.

He is a flying torso, with four wings that keep him aloft. Highly skilled in apothecary, he works part-time in the drug department, mixing concoctions for souls who have difficulty shifting and moving in between World Layers.


Based off Filipino mythological creature, The Wakwak » which is a flying torso. Where I suppose Buggy the Clown from One Piece is based off of!

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