#29 The World’s Most Evil & Smart Baby

| November 30, 2010 | 1 Comment

Meet Alfie, the self proclaimed most evil and smart — nay, genius! — baby in the world! His goal: nothing short of worldwide — nay, universal! — conquest!

Unfortunately, being a baby means he still has limited physical capabilities. Which he more than makes up for with his evil brilliance! See the ingenuity of his gravity defying walker! See Blargh, his right hand monster, who Alfie created with his chemistry set one morning while watching Sesame Street!

The only thing standing between this baby and his dreams, besides nap time, is The Omega Kid! So this Christmas, all Alfie wants is the source of his arch nemesis’ power: the Omega Amulet! Even if it means The World’s Most Evil & Smart Baby must take Santa Claus hostage to get it!

Wait! You say there’s no such thing as Santa? Alfie begs to differ…

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